undeniably and irrevocably


a lovely christmas eve dinner at esplanade’s sourpuss. i was wondering why the restaurant wasn’t pushing promotions for wine in your face, or even serving any alcoholic drinks for that matter. then matin told me that it was halal, haha oops.

surprisingly, the esplanade was awfully quiet. perhaps it was because of the gloomy and wet weather, or the strange band that was playing by the waterfront.


first they played Anna Molly by Incubus, and that was really good. but then their songs got weirder and weirder. and the guitarist seemed more focused on pulling off dramatic rockstar jumps rather than playing his guitar. man he didnt even have a solo part, so what was the ecstacy-like performance for?

oh yes, i watched Twilight today, finally!

ohhh my dear Robert Pattinson! the moment his pale face and red lips started clocking screen time, i was in love with him, no, the movie i mean.

although i have to be honest, his portrayal of the vampire made him look seriously constipated all the time. but he deserves credit for masking his brit accent with an american one so well.

hee hee, bite me!

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, seems to be less human than the vampires. she has no emotions, hardly any proper relations with humans, and only likes wolf boys and vampire boys. and you say she’s human.

anyhow i went and bought the book that everyone is talking so much about. can’t wait to read it! after i’m done with sex and the city, that is. unlike the movie, that book is full of cryptic humour and unfamiliar stereotypes. but i shall trudge through.


nightmarish crowds at orchard road, that would surely kill a claustrophobic on the spot.

thank goodness i was on the bus when i took this picture. basically, the crowd was so massive that the police had to redirect people from the orchard underpass (remember they blocked off half the corridor as well, so its alot worse) and make them walk by the super long way.

so just imagine, a thousand people trying to rush to the stores before closing time at 9.30 and a super long way to walk from wisma to wheelock (past the ion orchard construction site). goodness, it would’ve taken half an hour just to get from point A to B!!

seriously people, go home!!
or go to tanglin mall or something man!

have a good one!


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