squid brains under my fingernails

i love barbeques!!!

needless to say, yesterday’s bbq at melinda’s had plenty of yummy food!

omg there were two big bowls of pseudo mexican half cuts (that actually tasted exactly like them!) i was sure i wouldnt crave for it ever again.

matin the chef cooked yummy spicy mushrooms, and most of the bbq food actually. well i helped!! mainly in shuttling the food around, and taking first hand bites at the freshly cooked food, because im a wussy and was afraid that my contacts would melt in the heat of the pit.

if only you could smell it….


weijoe prepared and bbqed his speciality- bbq pineapple!

haha i had no idea that pineapples can be bbqed until yesterday. but he had a good eye for pineapple and bought a really sweet one! well so bbqed pineapple was actually very juicy and delicious, though i would imagine that microwaved-pineapple would have tasted just the same lol.

there’s joel, after touching down from his thailand trip. he bought back the famous thai lays potato chips that i stole home, together with pork floss love letters yum!

melinda pwning hard mode on my nds guitar hero and making funny noises at random intervals in order to activate star power lol!

claire and mel!




after eating, we adjourned to the (mel-wj joint property) rock band set and took turns to play.

hahaha kenny simply has the WORST hand-foot-eye coordination ever! not only that, he can’t multi-task, and is completely colour-uncoordinated. when yellow notes come on, he plays green. and when there are two notes to play, he can only hit one. lol!!!

so basically he was sitting there, spasming a whole lot, and playing his own version of the song.

on the other hand, shaun was also having difficulty strumming in time. but partly also because rock band doesnt give alot of allowance in timing of pressing down on the keys.

so the two rock band virgins screwed each other over (ha ha no pun intended) and failed the song at 70% on easy mode. hahaha!

then it got boring, so the boys went to amuse themselves with fifa 09 on WII, while joel, mel and i went to spam some cheeko ahpek who was posing as rachel loh, and pestering melinda to disclose her cup size on msn LOL.


ooh and i finally collected all my UK purchases that kind melinda brought back! la senza panties were all very very nice! except one that looked normal-pink on the model, but turned out to be neon-pink. and scarily, the ASOS flowery top has a much lower neckline than i expected :S but imma work it yall!


ooh anyway today mat and i were at bugis, wondering what else was there to do on a boring sunday morning. then i realised that haji lane and arab street were both on the locality map at the MRT station!

so at arab street, i bought 3 packets of crystals to zhng my laptop! went home and found epoxy glue at thomson plaza, as instructed by xiaxue’s useful guide to life videos, and glued the crystals on!

unfortunately, one pack of crystals was only enough to make a pink crystal heart. so uh, i probably have to go back and get more if i want a more significant bling effect. i used the smaller purple and diamond crystals to decorate the remaining bit of space not covered by the crystal case on my nds.

we had cheap and good mat food at a the kampong glam coffee place! i think that shall be my new hangout! except i shall be smarter next time and wear shorts instead of jeans.

and i FINALLY realised the haji lane was where people go to take all those classy vintage-back-alley photos with very artistic grafitti scribbled on the walls! unfortunately, it was just past 12 on sunday so most of the shops weren’t opened. anyhow, i walked into a vintage dress shop and realised that the stuff it was selling was pretty much what you usually find on blogshops, but she was selling it at $50!!! what a ripoff!

yay can’t wait to go back sometime later this week for more crystals!


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