darkness falls

we initially had big plans on thursday to play a grueling game of badminton at the cc near weijoe’s house. but the courts were fully booked. so we went over to his place to bum around and play wii.

eeks i really suck at rockband. cant play drums because i get confused reading so many notes after awhile, and the guitar buttons are so hard to press. sometimes i’ll be playing the note but it doesnt register. haha ya go ahead, blame the machine.

on the other hand, mel and weijoe were both rocking like they’ve been playing the game for decades.



LOL to weijoe’s top left picture.
real rockstar pose!

hee hee hee

btw those are not my real specs- i dont have that bad taste. they are matin’s broken shades that he so sweetly slipped on for me while my hands were busy playing the drums.

after rockband, we moved on to mario kart. haha it was absolutely ridiculous holding the Wii control like an imaginary steering wheel and moving like lewis hamilton in his mercedes. i sucked all the way too, half the time i was looking at the screen and thinking that my driving skillz are damn pwnage, only to find that i was actually looking at weijoe’s screen, and my spastic little kart had gone completely off course and was colliding repeatedly with a wall.

and you know you are a real unfit piggy if your muscles ache like hell the next day after playing bowling on Wii sports. well, but at least i did work some kind of muscle in the process.

and since we had no plans for the night, we followed mel and weijoe to the Night Safari! afterall, i havent been there since i was a wee kid tagging along with my mum to KKH’s family day. dont remember seeing anything at all because it was pitch black. i only remember a colouring contest that i didnt win, and going home upset because mummy didnt want to get me an overpriced stuffed animal from the souvenir shop- i guess because i didnt win the colouring contest.


i must say the place has changed drastically since the last time i went. admission prices are still just as expensive. however, by some miracle, while we were in line about to get tickets, an australian lady approached us and asked if we were going to buy tickets to the night safari. then she proceeded to say that she had an extra ticket with tram ride, because one of her mates went back to the hotel already, and by the looks of it, boy, she was really going to give it to us for free.

kaypoh ticket counter girl leaned over and nodded her head in approval of the genuity of the ticket, as if to suggest the possibility that a tourist might actually trick a bunch of local kids about entrance tickets to the Singapore Zoo.

it took like 2 minutes of awkwardness for us to accept the tickets.
firstly, we felt bad if we didnt take it.
secondly, if we had accepted it, we would feel bad if we didnt pay her for it.
thirdly, (i) simply didnt feel like offering to pay heh heh.

but she was so kind that she gave it to us and walked off before we could offer anything in return. so i guess, THANK YOU!

so effectively, we paid $2 for a $10 tram ride.
you say: awesome!


had dinner at the bongo burger restaurant, which is basically like a fast food place that serves ginormous portions of food for insane prices. hot dog set meal costs $11.90 and would you believe it, extra mustard costs $1. was afraid that we also needed to pop coins into the dining tables in order to sit at it.

haha also, check out the pricing at one of the snack stalls in a deserted area in the safari grounds. i’m talking about $9.90 for a hotdog! nus canteen sells one of those for 90 cents. come on now, dont you think that’s abit ridiculous? haha somemore the 9 got no dot next to it. so now it looks like $990 for a hot dog. lol that’s half a prada bag, and at least that will last you longer than a hotdog, even if it was made of edible gold.



can you believe that this photo, if taken by the safari photographer, would’ve cost $20 with the ridiculous animal patterned border. man, Picasa 3 and my trusty Canon camera does a better job for free!

expensiveness aside, i must say you can actually see the animals this time on the tram ride. not as up close as i had imagined. generally most exhibits are at a safe distance away from the tram route. only a couple of roaming deer, that (are smart and) stay at least 3 metres from the moving tram, and the occassional tapir lazing around on the ground.

even the elephants were boring. all they ever do is eat. i went on 2 tram rides and both times, they were stuffing their faces with leaves. the ones in sri lanka are really bloody entertaining. in a span of 10 minutes, i saw a horny male trying to mount 2 females consecutively, and another blasting the ground with his pee.

but my favourite animal has got to be the otter! and next would be the exotic and mutant-looking giant hamsters- can’t remember what they’re called.

leopard was sleeping, tapirs were sleeping, fishing cats were sleeping, bats were sleeping, bearded pigs were sleeping. and you tell me this is a night safari for nocturnal animals?

haha the Creatures of the Night show was awesome though. other than the fact that i was slightly peeved by the host strutting around in a fake rehearsed accent- like a cross between america’s next top model auditions and national geographic.

lol mat got the noob boy next to us to take the photo



as usual, tourists were chosen (in preference) for the volunteer segments. first was a cute south african kid who fed grapes to a, um, sloth looking thing.


halfway through the show, there was a (fake rehearsed) commotion, in which the host suddenly exclaimed that they were missing some mysterious animal. and got the rows behind us (thank god) to evacuate, so that they could look for it. haha and then they pulled out a mighty mother-large python from under one of the boards on the auditorium floor.

haha imagine if you were looking for a convenient way to dispose of your $9 evian water bottle and tried lifting up the floorboards before that segment.

then they called on some pansy aussie hottie, who was hiding behind his friend as they were trying to attract the host to pick him, to get up on stage. then they looped the mighty big python around him. haha and i’ve never seen a man get so squealy about a snake before! he practically wanted to run offstage as soon as he realised what he was about to be volunteered for.


lol see his pansy face wincing like hell. it was bloody funny though, cos the female snake was sliding her tail all over his privates, adding to the immense amount of pressure the poor fellow had to face on stage, not to mention in front of at least 50 kids.

but soon it was all over and he got a ben and jerry’s coupon for that. wah lao i also dont mind going up there to be molested by the snake, in exchange for free ice-cream!

seriously though, i don’t understand why some idiots cant seem to understand the meaning of ‘no flash photography’. the host bothered to translate the phrase in at least 8 different languages and yet, some idiots still choose to take pictures with flash. should really slip a python down their pants every time they flash their cameras away.

you want pictures of animals so badly?


oh there! cute otters putting thrash into the correct thrash bins. totally gen’s favourite segment i bet.

haha the little otter was so determined to push the can into the bin, that he kept pushing his little paws at it. so while it was juggling the can for awhile, the impatient trainer tried to push it in abit for him, and he snatched the can away and squeaked! hahah i just want to kidnap one of these environmentally friendly buggers!

fake zebra, hence the only opportunity i had to use flash photography lol.

such a super fun time!
but nah, i dont think i will be back there so soon.

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