just 2 more to the final stretch

today was pretty kickass!

the good people at singtel gave me a waiver of administration fees plus a $50 phone voucher in order for me to get the iOne plus youth plan- after much bargaining with customer service of course. so i decided, after a long while of flipping and poking at all the dummy phones on display, to get the sony ericsson w595 in white. it looks alot like my previous phone, the w580, except with 2GB memory and 3.2 megapixel camera.

taking into account the penalty and the discounts, the bill initially came up to $310. a hefty price to pay indeed- and i was feeling very guilty about that. but then singtel santa popped out of nowhere and decided to add on some secret student discount that we didnt know about. so the final amount was $178.

i love christmas!

and mango sales!

the crowd eased up a whole lot today. so i went back with mummy and found a nice pair of skinnies! i practically got stuck in the size 34. omg it would not go up further or come down. was struggling like hell to get it off in the flimsy mango changeroom without flashing anyone outside. size 36 was suffocating my calves, but at least they fit, and hopefully they’ll expand too. $49 for a pair of jeans (from $95)! even a stingy poker couldnt resist.


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