anticipation of the week to come

the much anticipated mango sale started today.

how convenient, since today was the day that my mum decided to take me out of the house for a shopping trip.

i realised that the sale had started because when i got off the bus, i saw a woman walking outside far east with the clear mango cheapo sale plastic bag. and my heart did a full 360 cartwheel (yup, pulmonary vessels and all) at the thought of going home with new clothes!

and i desperately need new clothes for school. i need to stop walking into lecture and spotting someone else wearing the exact same top i did last friday, or worse still, wearing it on the same day as i am.

so when we walked to the double storey mango isetan at shaw, i was surprised to find that it was strangely empty. but well, it was 12pm and maybe people dont get up so early for sales. i was all ready to go in when the big burly security guard at the entrance stuck out his palm and pointed to a tiny A4 sized printout on a tiny metal stand.

9AM – 2PM

‘come back at 2pm mam’
okay mister.

im definitely going to make getting the mango vip card part of my new years resolution for 2009.

so anyway. we went round to the other parts of orchard to kill time. i found my beloved purple pull and bear shorts at taka. pity there were no more size 36s in either purple or red. so i got desperate and convinced myself that a 34 would fit my big butt, and got it. so now i should stop eating spongebob chocolate eggs if i want to wear it to school next year.

then i followed my mummy to paragon, where she went mad and strolled into Prada, remarking that she ‘wanted to look at the new Prada bag‘. and then 10 minutes later she was asking the sales assistant whether she could have a new piece of the purple gemstone Prada tote.

lol i tried to push my luck by oggling (harder than usual) at a purple canvas tote with beautiful graphic designs, but i wasnt so lucky. my mum’s number one shopping rule – one exorbitant purchase at a time.

hee hee on the bright side though. it wont be long before i secretely hijack the Prada for my own.

riding on my mum’s exorbitant purchase glow, i brought her back to mango at taka. it was 20 minutes after 2pm, and oh my goodness, the entire store was filled to the brim with people!!! there was an endless queue to the change room and another endless queue to the cashier. it took me a good 3 minutes to get from one rack to the next, because of all the rude pushing people.

in the end i felt bad making my mum wait, and more annoyed that i couldnt get to stand long enough at a rack to look at stuff without someone getting uncomfortably close to me. so i grabbed a top and jeans to to the dressing room queue. then i realised that the jeans were like 2 sizes too big. but i couldnt go back and get a new pair, so i just tried on the top.

it was dark blue racer, with a jewelled neckline and elastic band at the bottom. very very pretty, and it was $69 (from $99). haha i know you dont usually buy stuff above $60 at a mango sale because then its not really a sale. but i was upset that i didnt get to choose other stuff, so i bought it. haha my dear mummy did anyway.

ok i shall wait for the initial hype to die away and then revisit the sale next week. from experience, mango always has sizes even after a week of insane crowds.

and yea, i didnt get anything for school. so looks like i have a new excuse to go shopping. PLUS, omg! my mum decided to apply a supplementary credict card for me! haha it was a totaly miracle, because she casually mentioned that she would call the credit card company and ask how to go about doing it, after i asked her whether i could get a debit card. i thought she’d be too lazy, but then she really went home and called them!

when i get the card, im going to go down to marks and spencers, buy a pack of chocolate shortcakes, and swipe my credit card!


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