in a chanel lipstick case

today was so boring, the only highlight of it was receiving my backorder minidress from bonitochico.

haha i would hardly call it a dress, much less a minidress. its more like something you wear with tights unless you want to risk exposing your untoned butt-thigh flab through the deep side slits while boarding the bus. even nice black underwear wont make it any less unclassy.

but its really really the prettiest thing i’ve ever bought online. the satin is of good quality, the cut is perfect, and the sash hugs the dress in the most flattering position.

i’m trying to change my mobile plan to the singtel youth i one plus. but that strictly requires me to get a handset upgrade. but if i do that, i have to pay a penalty of $100 because my last phone upgrade isnt 21 months yet. siannnn. that is so illogical you know. i just want to switch plans, why so difficult? why cant i switch now and wait till 21 months is up for a phone upgrade? singtel is such a scammer :/

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