beetle the bard

i was at the borders sale today and i found THE TALES OF BEETLE THE BARD!

tales of beetle the bard is the story book introduced in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. if i remember correctly, it was a gift from dumblydorrr to harry and hermione, containing clues to help them kill voldy.

but its super super thin )): so i shall slowly savour it 3 pages at a time for the next 7 days or as long as it will last.



oh yea the other day i was tutoring my neighbour, a sec 4 IP chem girl, for the first time. and the moment i sat down, she asked me what dipole-dipole was. wah lao and i realised, despite learning all that in pharmacy and in jc, i really had no idea how to explain it to her in the simplest way, since she had absolutely no clue about the basic concepts. was breaking out into cold sweat while making up my own explanations along the way. hahaha this is terrible.

hee hee i’m enjoying spongebob kinder surprise now! they’re like the good old kinder surprise ones: chocolate eggs that came in a box of three, that mat got for me at the airport. and it has spongebob toy figurines in the little plastic egg.

lol damn cheap thrill. urgh but i cant stand eating the chocolate cos its so sweet. haha but no choice- have to eat it in order to dig out the egg.

i remember last time my mum got me the SUPER HUGE ostrich egg-sized kinder surprise chocolate egg. and i nearly dieded eating the egg all by myself in order to get to the toy. turned out to be a grimy looking yoggi bear that i chucked in the corner cos it looked freakishly happy.

ok that was really random

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