taking chances

yesterday’s bbq at nat’s was really sort of unplanned. because in the afternoon it started pouring, and then it stopped, and then it poured again, and then it stopped. so we were going back and forth between steamboat dinner and bbq dinner. but my craving for bbq chicken wings was so bad that we went ahead with the bbq plans despite the rain.

so we shopped at novena for groceries, and WALKED 2 bus stops in the bloody rain to her posh condo at newton. pretty big feat for natalia, who wouldnt survive more than 5 minutes in a world without taxis. she actually wanted to give up halfway and take a cab back lol!!

then we all crowded round in the kitchen and started preparing the bbq food.

i had my hand at pulling out the prawn shit. so many times the bag with the shit just ruptured and the crap just went all over my hands. and then when you pull off the head there’re gooey prawn brains that seep into your fingernails and stay there. oh goodness me, i will never attempt to shell an uncooked prawn ever again.

but kaye, the little hero, had to de-scale the fish and pull out all its guts. it was so much work and then in the end, we didnt eat it LOL because kaye was unsure about whether there would be any more fish organs left in it.

finally the 2 guys came so all the fire-starting work was left for them to do. thankfully, we bought the high-class coal so it went up in flames in less than 5 minutes. haha it looked more like a bonfire than a bbq at first and nat wanted to bring down all her notes to burn.


kaye and suelynn making mozarella mushrooms! which are surprisingly nice haha

ben took charge and cooked all the food yumyum!

unforunately it was really really dark. so alot of the stuff got severely burnt before anyone realised that they were cooked. the cheese sausages looked like they had bulbous pus-filled blisters hahah.

after that we ditched bbqing and talked for ages.

ben had an insane amount of entertaining ‘you know there was this one time, my friend..’ stories, that half the time we were just laughing at him. i asked him why he wanted to become a pharmacist, and he told us this whole dramatic story about how he went to his great-grandfather’s grave for qing ming, and saw that his tombstone had been engraved with the words, ‘THE PHARMACIST’. and he was so inspired by that he decided to become one.

then it was late so we all went home.
and i was still hungry because i didnt get to eat enough chicken wings ):

nevermind! more bbqs to come in the weeks ahead! yumyum!


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