end break


paper was beyond terrible. totally gonna screw my CAP over. but that’s for me to worry about on 23rd December.


halfway through the really bad PPDA paper, while i was near desperation and bursting with frustration trying to chiong through the insanely difficult MCQs, i began planning what to do after 7pm. and it hit me that studying has really occupied an immense proportion of my life for the past 3 months. which means that eventually, i would run out of things to do, because besides studying, there’s nothing much you can do at home.

what a sick epiphany to have

but i figured i shall occupy my time with exciting things to do like online shopping, tanning, real shopping, and when all options are exhausted, i shall re-read gossip girl and re-watch gossip girl. maybe re-read pharmacy notes if i get that desperate. HAHA KIDDING.

(really, i am)

anyhow after paper ended we went to holland v for dinner at crystal jade. whyy, holland v is getting so chichi nowadays. it’s like i cant even turn 360 degrees without spotting at least 2 angmoh expats with their chinese gf/wives.

yay the next month is going to be highly exciting! starting with tml, bbq at nat’s posh newton condo, and then mat’s gonna come back on wed morning, and then mel’s coming back!, and there’s the week-long block leave that the guys will have when we can go play everyday like after As, and then comes gen’s yummy christmas party, and new years at AMARA.

ok now time to sleep.


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