when dreams feel real, you know its time

gosh i’m so burnt from chionging this week. though i still have another paper on monday, i simply dont feel like studying. i got so pek chek trying to differentiate pyrrole from pyrrolidine just now that i decided to give up and continue again tml when i get my study-mojo back.

after the physical pharmacy today, while probably half (if not all) of the rest went home to chiong for the final paper on monday evening, we bused to vivo for a nice relaxing lunch at vivocity at the nice relaxing sushi tei that faces the pathetic spoltch of sea that connects with part of sentosa.

we hogged the table and talked about all things unacademic-related, and of course, the conversation simply had to include cassy’s 2 favourite topics of all time- pms and boobs

at first cassy wanted to order salmon skin sushi. but the waiter told there there wasn’t any salmon skin left.

then 15 minutes later when the same waiter came to refill our cups, cassy asked him if there were any salmon skin now- as if he’d gone fishing for the past 15 minutes for salmon in the nearby spoltch of sentosa sea hahahaha.

poor waiter just stared back at her and said he’ll check. hahaha then he told her that if she wanted salmon skin, she’d have to come back at 5pm. lol so i guess salmon fishing takes a little longer than 15 minutes.

after lunch we walked and walked all round vivo, went into esprit, zara, fox (hate the dingy smell), pull and bear, F21, mango, la senza (i was right: the underware sale really sucked- it was so last season!), thefaceshop (where my addiction for nail polish never ceases to make me walk out there with a new nail polish colour).

and then it was going home time )):

but i was so tired by the time i came back so study-mojo went away on a little getaway holiday in bintan resort, thus i am online and going to wait for prison break to finish downloading so i can watch michael’s brain spasms!

2 more days till the bloody torture ends and 5 more till matin gets back!


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