for the times we smiled

i hate hate hate studying

this is so unbearable. i have no idea why im suffering so much more now than i was last year.

i rather be in 10 different places than at home mugging )):

was so tempted to escape the house to attempt and studying outside but i realised it would be completely unproductive, so i remained at home, very much depressed. didnt help that dinner and lunch both sucked. im actually beginning to miss the sucky science canteen, at least there was IQ balls dessert to look forward to after a horrible wanton mee meal.

and yesterday i slipped out for dinner and to buy gen’s birthday present! i am so deprived of the sights of city christmas lights, the smell of famous amos at wisma, and the taste of azabu sabo icecream cone.

anyway we went to nearly every NUM there was in town cos gen couldnt find her hobbit size 7 doope slippers. NUM guys are very intimidating, every time i try to look at their stuff, one of them will suddenly pop out of nowhere and insist that i get the thing in my size to try on. haha yea i suppose its called great service, but its just unsettling to be served by um beautiful people. very unlike a normal social situation.

in the end we found her hobbit slippers size at cine! and NUS matric card gave a pretty generous 20% discount yay!

but then it was late and all the shops were closing, so we had to go home )):

2 more days to the start of exams,
and closer to the end, too (:


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