tongue tied, and overloaded

just went to see the video on STOMP about ‘ACJC hazing’

seriously, these noobs are ruining the reputation of our school. at first i thought that the people who spammed them were conservative old fogeys being anal about a little bit of fun at a typical birthday celebration in school. but honestly, after watching the video, there was nothing typical about that.

there is a line you draw when you are throwing cake at someone because its their birthday, and perhaps embarrassing them a little.

but tying her up, trying to tape her mouth forcefully- you can even see someone pushing her head backwards when she was trying to get up, pouring HL milk on her uniform, and basically recording the entire humiliation for the world to see as a video on youtube tagged ‘loser’, is seriously crossing the damn line.

the least that they did for her was to help her put on a pair of fbts before they dragged her to the pull up bars for the real shit. even so, they were practically flashing her in front of the whole canteen while putting on the fbts, so really, it doesnt make much of a difference.

and they way they tortured her was super unmerciless. i dont think anyone called up birthday girl the night before to explain to her the whole traumatic cake under shirt, hands tied to pull up bar and shoes splattered with flour process- otherwise she probably wouldn’t have turned up.

her ‘friends‘ practically treated her like a tortured slave. rubbing cake so maliciously all over her hair, and tossing a huge lump of it into her shirt. the pouring milk and water part was classic brutality. then some flowergirl asswipe appeared in the frame and added the finishing touches by splattering flour all over her.

all this time she had stuff seeping into her eyes and was calling out for them to stop, but nobody bothered to relent to her whimpering. if you call that ‘fun’, then i think you are obviously sadistic.

i would never imagine hurting anyone like that, much less my friend. the only time i tried to smear cake on someone was at the class’s August babies birthday celebrations last year. i only swiped my finger over some chocolate fudge and attempted to smear it on um either joel or cassy’s face haha. but they were too quick for me.

oh but then zhong khoo tried to do it, and he was successful at smearing a whole patch of chocolate on joel’s shirt, but got his shirt ripped by joel in return. haha like totally ripped at the collar part until the button came off and he had to endure a deep-plunging cleavage shirt for the rest of the day.

damn outrageous la. its not like its total condemned-to-hell behaviour to have a abit of fun smearing cake on the birthday person’s face once in a while. but this was abit frightening by standards.

and speaking of outrageous, my hero of a bengz brother went out yesterday and came back with a piercing on his left ear from 77th street for $6, as a celebration of freedom from Os.

my mum seems to think its cool, which is worse.

later at night, he started freaking out about the possibility that the $6 piercing could potentially give him HIV and hepatits B. hahahhaha now that, is loser for you.


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