3 words, 4 you

okay, let me paint you a vivid little portrait.

i was sitting at a one of the study tables at the corridor after maths lec today, cos gen had soci tutorial and i am a nerd. so anyway since the table right next to me was empty, so anyway since the table right next to me was empty, i decided to Own my table by strewing all my stuff all over it.

then along comes some girl, who simply dumps her bag on the bench of the same table as i was seated at, and disappears somewhere for quite awhile. seriously, does she think i’m her bag drop or something? doesnt even have the basic courtesy to ask if anyone was sitting there.

but nvm, i chill. cos if someone other than her comes and steal stuff from her carelessly unattended bag, then i will swallow my conscience and pretend that i didnt see anything. well but in the first place, the thief would have already made the sad assumption that i’m taking care of her bag. what a smart bitch she is, making use of me.

so smart bitch (SB) came back with her lunch, some pathetic looking sandwich and a bottle of PURPLE herbal juice (only aliens drink that kind of shit) from the canteen downstairs, and began munching down on it on the seat opposite, facing me. like seriously, you can hear the entire mastication process, coupled with the mushy sounds when her saliva mixes in with the bread. SERIOUSLY TESTING MY PATIENCE YOU KNOW.

do you know how hard it bloody is to concentrate on figuring out whether function f is a bijection with all that noise?

wah nvm you know. when her friends walk by (all obviously too busy to spare her any time for a chat), she asks them to come and sit with her!!! hello? am i bloody invisible to you? i got there first lor, you want to have your little private purple juice party, get your butt over to the adjacent table.

urgh just when i thought she was done with er lunch and leaving, SB disappeared again and returned with all her books and lecture notes and continued studying opposite me.

unfortunately, she makes just as much annoying noises studying as eating. every 5 minutes, she’d make lizard-tzch noises at her noise, as if she’d found pictures of molecular orbitals to be highly offensive.

wah lao and not say i want to say…

but another weirdo came to sit at the adjacent table. and while i was still stuck at the same damn question, i felt a pair of eyes boring down on me. when i looked up, the girl in the adjacent table was staring at me like through the corner of her eyes. not once, not twice, but every damn single time i look up, i see her peeping at me!!!

omg thank goodness it was 11.50 so i packed my bags and ran away from the 2 crazy idiots. next time i shall not be lazy and walk up to my usual study spot at the pharmacy block.


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