really. trying. to. be. nice. about. this.

curse you stupid bastard who has no conscience inside that tiny brain of yours. because of you, someone else has to take the damn blame for your carelessness and face the consequences. because of your shaky hands (probably from too much deprived masturbation on weekends), you cant screw a bloody muzzle tightly, so you steal someone else’s muzzle to replace yours so that you can book out this weekend and go wank with all the luxury of time (and something else that looks like your head) in your hands.

hope you get diarrhea and an enlarged prostate on your little training trip overseas, so that it will hurt so bad while you’re taking a dump that you have to be airlifted out of the jungle with your pants down.

ok that was pretty rude. but i’m feeling pmsy, and the bastard really deserves it.

and thanks to cassy’s recommendation to watch the bunny video on peta- i couldnt even finish watching it because of all the blood and squirming cute rabbits having their throats slit by absolute sadists, i’m officially staying away from anything with animal fur (that is if i could afford it in the first place haha)


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