three words

omg i’m all red like a lobster now! haha the sun was so glorious today i simply had to drag matin back to sentosa.

k now im damn burnt and guilty that i didnt spend the day studying.

instead, after sentosa, we went to watch tropic thunder, which would have been alot better if they had english subtitles whenever Robert Downey Jr was speaking. though hes damn awesome at accents. lol and we all got a shock at the end when we realised which of the very colourful characters with even more colourful swear-vocabulary was Tom Cruise.

and i came home to watch gossip girl. WHY DOES JENNY GET NATE ALL IN A SINGLE EPISODE!

hahah does nate like suddenly decide, ‘ok im gonna hook up with jenny, who’s like 19580238 years younger than me and has a new disgusting haircut and suddenly wears blue coloured contacts permanently‘ one morning when she barges into the toilet while he’s half nekkid.

unfair ):

ok im such a gg freak. goodnight!


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