will never marry a cnm

it felt as if today was seriously a real bad day when i woke up at 5am to a major thunderstorm, and later at 9am to a super wet gloomy saturday- of all days, the day when gen and i planned so long ago to get a tan at sentosa.

but we are stubborn ninnies and decided to heck the rain, imagining that the little streaks of daylight through the cloud-clotted sky were glimmers of hope for a lovely bronze tan.

by the time we stalled and got to sentosa at 2pm, the heavens above decided to perform the biggest miracle for us- by giving sentosa a nice blast of sunlight!!!

yes gen is extremely delighted at the sight of sunlight, like a plant haha

on the tram!

so we set up our little tanning spot in a relatively quiet portion of palawan beach. it consisted of a torn up large metro plastic bag, courtesy of gen (because i forgot to borrow the spiderman mat from matin), and beach towels as pillows.


honestly, it would have looked like a white beach towel in the picture if not for the ‘metro’ logo.




duh our little setup was damn uncomfortable to tan on, because the hard sand below made my butt hurt after awhile. so we gave up after half an hour and hit the waters.

palawan waters are quite gross because there’s so much seaweed!! there are just patches of black everywhere, like someone decided to shave her head and dump all the hair in the palawan sea. i tried wading past all the ticklish seaweed with gen, but she kept grabbing onto me so tightly (until i could dear a distinct ‘crack’ sound in my forearm), and squealing like Jaws was coming at her.

haha we must have been quite a sight- with her screaming her lungs flat and me laughing at her tortured facial expressions, until this fatty who was soaking in the seaweed-infested waters nearby called over at (mainly) gen, ‘don’t scared la! scared for what?’

that was finally the cue for gen to stop squealing, and retreat back to safe land at the speed of light. hahaha super funny!!

so for the rest of the time, we stayed on the shore and built sandcastles that looked more like obscene human genitalia.

yay and i have a healthy tan now! though it isnt that obvious yet because the sun didnt stay long :/ but after exams i shall go back every single day and get a lovely bronzed skin like Leighton Meester at the start of gossip girl season 2!


$3 rip-off potato chips to satisfy our junk food craving

and that concludes our fulfilling trip to the beach despite a very gloomy weather forecast.

here’s amber, who’s getting fatter by the day! its funny because i realized that she’s been conditioned to react to the rustling sounds of the plastic food bag. and because she’ll know that i’m going to feed her, she immediately scrambles out from wherever she is and jumps onto the green food bowl and starts balancing on her hind legs. hahaha but shes so fat, she falls over within 2 seconds.





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