these are the fast times

Corpus spongiosum
Corona Radiata

guess which one of the nonsensical words up there mean ‘foreskin

had to bloody give myself spelling exercises just to memorize all the crazy anatomy terminologies.

after which i retired for the night and spent an hour cramping my left arm on guitar hero’s hard mode. YES I AM GODLIKE ROCKSTAR NOW.

hahaha i’m nearly done promoting all 25 songs in medium mode to 5 stars. so i gotta move on to the hard mode now. i tried regressing to easy mode but i end up striking the notes too early because the note highway is like a fricking P-plate lane or something.

next time when melly comes back, we shall all go play rock band together and i’ll be major pwnage! but maybe by then weijoe would’ve gone on to expert mode, and joel would be playing 5 buttons on expert mode with 2 fingers.

k need to sleep now. endocrine system, and more spelling exercises tomorrow.

try saying posterior pituitary gland 20 times really quickly.
try not to do it in close proximity of someone else’s face.

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