his girl friday

omg i made myself wake up at 9am to study the whole chapter of urinary system before i could go out. am damn sleepy now as a result.

vivocity was a big mess of people today. but i was delighted to get, well, 4 hours with matin. recently its been damn hard to battle with time constraints.

aiyo emooo

we watched Max Payne, which was an unforunate decision. half the time was spent burying my eyes in my palms because there was so much unnecessary violence in it. and every scene is moody, dark and gothic. ew boring, but matin enjoyed it :/ the only consolation was that there were so many familiar faces, haha like sucre from prison break, the flash-runner girl from heroes, and the black guy who’s power i still can’t figure out from heroes. he’s basically just really angsty and likes to punch through people.

then i met suelynn, the other vivo-addict, at Diva with poey! haha it was extra funny since i had a feeling i was going to see her there.

ok back to school again. just 4 more days. the only thing nice about going to school is wearing nice clothes, and eating grilled chicken drumlet from engine canteen.


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