wish my hair would grow faster

today on yahoo answers, i tried to help someone who was worried about having a concussion-related headache after bumping his head on the wall, another who was seriously constipated for 3 weeks yet cant seem to seek proper medical attention, and someone who asked whether wearing a bra to sleep would increase the risk of breast cancer haha.

but no one will help me with my number theory question!!

this weekend is gonna suck cos some inhumane, regimental sicko decided to ruin it by making poor officers like mat book out on sunday night. then after a rainy day like today, the sun is going to be nice and bright for the whole of saturday and sunday but i wouldnt be able to go to sentosa to get a healthy tan.

after a very torturous math tutorial today, gen and i went engine canteen to meet jessie for lunch. ok i have officially found my favourite food in the engine canteen (previously was quite blah cos everything was just ok) !! its the grilled chicken set from the indo stall 😀

the flavour is godlike and everything is concentrated in the chicken skin. so when you eat it, you completely forget about all the evil lumps of cholesterol that will clog up your arteries and give you hypertension in 10 years time. YUMMY

now i wont feel so seh going to engine canteen for lunch anymore!

once lunch was done, gen and i headed to holland v (while poor jessie had classes on a friday afternoon haha neh neh ni poo poo) to bum at coffee bean. after trying to act all business-people-like with business-conversations-over-coffee and failing quite miserably, gen whipped out her vaio and we watched 2 episodes of gossip girl backtoback.

though i was watching it for the second time, i never will get sick of all the fashionably dressed characters -hate leighton meester cos she always pulls off the fugliest, most ruffles-y, and absolutely frumpy- and granny-like clothing so well, like it was made for the fashion runway.

but seriously, producers should stop doing her so much injustice. why does serena and stick-thin jenny humphrey, who is a mere pre-teen, constantly get to flash their voluminous cleavage, while poor blair hides her less-than-impressive assets behind even more unflattering ruffles?

serena flashes in every damn scene! shes flashing in the scene that shes supposedly dressed in formal attire to meet the Yale dean, shes flashing dangerously in the scene that she’s have a major catfight with blair, shes flashing in the scene that she breaks up with humphrey, shes flashing in the scene that shes lying on her bed.

i know you want to remind me that they’re huge, but like i get it already!

woah but jenny’s assets are majorly huge for her size. i wonder how they do it.

finally, i love chuck despite his barely-audible husky voice. next episode’s going to be all about him i think! can’t wait (:

ok i must go sleep now.
1am weekend nights make me really jetlagged on weekdays.


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