say the words

oh yes. tuition lessons are finally over. a little bittersweet i must say: bitter because i dont have anymore extra money to spend on clothes ): yet sweet because i can finally settle down and catch up with school work- come to think of it, that’s kind of a bitter thought.

the last lesson was damn BGL- bao ga liao
she was asking me stuff from so many topics in that 2 hours and it stretched on to 2.5 hours because she started asking me stuff about emaths, even though i dont teach her. and there’s a reason for that too, cos my emaths sucks.

haha today she asked me this question:
7 men take 15 days to build a house
how long will it take 3 men to build a house?

omg i was like oh! so easy! 3/15 x 7 lor! hahaha but it turned out to be quite illogical because you cant have fewer men building a house in a shorter amount of time unless they’ve been injected with hulk DNA.

anw if you are smarter than me and you know the answer then good for you, go tuition emaths then.

then the next part is like
how many men will it take to build a house in t days?

hahah clueless, i looked at the answer behind and crapped up some reason based on what she already tried to work out before giving up.

sigh. thank goodness emaths is completely redundant after you leave secondary school. was totally lousy at that.

feeling damn frustrated about everything right now. i dont understand why you have to be so disrespectful. and being oblivious doesnt give you the right to be ignorant. you can always say you dont mean it like that, or that you didnt know that it would end up this way, but everything actually boils down to whether you bothered to consider someone else’s feelings before saying it out loud.


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