if this were a test

omg im damn hooked onto cake mania. its sapping away my energy because i sacrifice quite abit of sleep to play it. and because i know i need to mug, i play it on the bus, in the car, and every second that i have nothing to do. bad for the eyes, i know. i’m going to hit 500 degrees of myopic vision in no time.

anyway i was quite free today because my student cancelled tuition on me after her evening english paper. no idea why they torture poor kids with evening papers nowadays.

and i realised my brother’s vocab is pwnz minez.
i looked at his vocab section and couldnt even rephrase half the words that were on it. like wth i never knew ‘gnarled’ meant ‘disfigured’. i asked my mum what ‘gnarled’ was at first and she did a wild pawing-like gesture with her hands. hahahah hilarious.

sigh and today i wore my mango lady shirt in pink and gen said she saw someone in the toilet wearing the green version of it, who happens to be suelynn’s friend. so invisibility cloak substitute cardigan came in handy again today. really should start shopping in obscure and exclusive places for exclusive clothes. maybe save up and buy a pretty hermes scarf to wear halter-style to school- very glam!

anyhow, one more lesson to my final tuition pay! sweet $300 that i’ve already wasted half on impulsive shopping.

yay 30% at borders managed to get me the new gossip girl- the caryles book!
byebye im going to indulge in chicklit.


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