shadows and regrets

haha i felt like the ultimate imposter today when i met suelynn and kaye at RJ to try the yong tau foo that they were raving about the whole time.

first of all, it was pouring enough rain to drown the entire species of cats and dogs. and after getting off 410 with an RJ couple, the girl asked if i could shelter her into school if i was going there too. being surprised that she half assumed that i was going to school, and honoured because i dont look so dumb after all, i pretended to be all raffles-student-like and sheltered her to the front porch.

then i realised i didnt know how the hell to get to the canteen from there. so i SOSed suelynn and she came to rescue me haha.

omg rj is like 10 times bigger than AC. they are so rich that they can afford to have RJ embossed flower pots all around the canteen. and they have an ATM and 7-11. AC doesnt even have a bloody proper bookshop dammit, just a dodgy room in the dodgy corridor at the canteen.

well anyway i felt so very inferior half the time i was there cos all these kids look so cool yet they look like they can calculate ionic bond strength in 5 seconds without even looking up all the values in the data booklet.

and they were staring at all of us dressed in outside clothes. i hope i didnt look too transparent enough for them to know i was surely not raffles material. as in not transparent like sheer clothing by the way…

yong tau foo was great anyhow- nicer than NUS arts canteen’s. but thats cos i’ve been brainwashed with many yummy ytf stories already. well anyhow it is a little too inaccessible to keep going to rj to satisfy yong tau foo cravings.

today was a horrible day on the whole cos i got my foot soaked in brown mud on the way back to school. felt like frodo with his mud stained hobbit toenails all the way on 151.

then when i sat down in lecture, rachel turned around and showed me that i was wearing the exact same split top i bought at the tangs sale on friday for $12 as her, just in a different colour, thank god.

but then yuxi walked in wearing the same bloody shirt in grey, and the exact same pair of denim butterfly mango shorts i was wearing.

so for the whole 4 hours, i had to hide behind my red mango cardi to save myself from the embarrassment every time i had to leave for the toilet. wish i had brought an invisibility cloak instead.

from now on, if any shirt with a nice design that is available in many colours is selling for $12 at a tangs sale in central forum, im not bloody buying it.


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