The last sound of goodbye

oh my luck has been going up!

i got 30/40 for my pwned-by-prcs maths ca!!!!! am absolutely delighted- ok la actually im not because it might have been better but its good motivation that i am not totally useless in proving the irrationality of √2

actually i got 28/40 but then the generous maths department gives away 2 free marks for doing up a beautiful helpsheet with all the formulas that you will need for the exam. and of course you get to use it during the ca.

still rather depressed about my below-than-82-average anatomy CA results so im going to mug my brains out for the next one. this time if you ask me where the esophagus starts, i shall know that its at the cervical vertebrae level 6. oh and that one of the functions of the penis is the receptacle for the vagina during sexual intercourse ha ha.

this week was rather exciting nonetheless! i blew my allowance at the mac sale and tangs sale, though both events were rather lacklustre. mac sale basically brought over the stuff they couldnt sell at the previous tangs sale, so i only managed to buy some violet paint pot and lightfully eye shadow. no nice nail polish or shimmery eyeliner )):

at the mac sale, i also caught a glimpse (which was already too much to take) of a pair of disgusting cellulite-infested thighs that i hope will never be mine when i am old and karma decides to take revenge on me.

hee hee i ponned alot of classes this week because i was genuinely tired. tired of trying to compete with everyone else and tired of trying to catch up with my genius classmates and their presentations about tautomerism. i dont know how im going to cope with everything. sometimes i want to just give up and relax for awhile but then i imagine that its going to be so embarrassing being bottom of the class that im pressured into taking out something to study.

i want to go to the beach. i hope we get the do that this sunday. cassy and gen are both tanner than me now and that is seriously not a good sign hahaha.

i miss digging my feet into the sand to pick up poor hermit crabs, letting them crawl on my hand and then dropping them back into the water.

i miss spying on flabby angmohs trying to suntan topless without getting arrested.

i miss cycling from one end of sentosa to the other even though i cant cycle for shitz and will probably never do it again because its so tiring.

i miss building sandcastles with empty food containers, and then stomping on all the lovely sand blocks that we’ve built.

i miss picking up seaweed and throwing it at melinda, trying to aim for her armpit. hahaha it landed there once and it was so hilarious i nearly drowned laughing.

really need to get my happeningz life back.


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