when the world comes down

hee hee hee physio lectures have ended for the semester, so this morning, suelynn, kaye and i went shopping at vivo!

it was so peaceful and quiet

no annoying beach goers and their obscene beach fashion, like padding-less wet bikini underneath soaked white shirt, or a num singlet on an un-buff guy with a bengz face.

just us and the ENTIRE VIVOCITY to ourselves!!

we walked the whole stretch of topshop, pull and bear, esprit, zara and F21

i found a nice decent length tee at esprit! finally their clothes are getting less weird and more wearable. my entire wardrobe used to be filled with esprit until they starting producing disgusting auntie clothes or tees that are meant to ride up your midriff.

eeks zara is also getting fuglier and fuglier by the season.

haha at la senza it was pretty funny cos we were laughing at the 40C bra, which looks like it could very well be a facial mask.

at F21, i tried on a pair of lovely taupecoloured shorts and liked them so much that i really had to get it even though i was so broke. plus the price tag said it was $23! so whats was there to stop me from buying it? suelynn and kaye found out it was so cheap so they also wanted to get a pair each, but the exact same pairs of shorts on the exact same rack where i got mine from were all price tagged as $33.

it was so strange, and depressingly likely that the real price is $33. but suelynn told me to just go pay anyway to try my luck.

when i paid, the cash register read $23 HA HA!

so scammer, this F21. alot of their price tags are handwritten and apparently suelynn overhead the sales people telling each other that they can just anyhow write prices on the tags in red. so beware of all their scamming tricks. luckily i havent bought enough from F21 to be cheated yet.

lol but cant believe i managed to scam them hee hee! that pair of shorts was destined to be mine. otherwise why would i have picked it up and tried that exact pair? it must have been a gift from the heavens above to alleviate my state of poverty.

next time i shall go work as a F21 sales person also, then can anyhow write my own cheap prices on all the clothes that i like, stash them in a dodgy corner of the sales rack, and ask my friends to buy for me when they drop by.

oh did i mention that coincidentally, i’ll be the one at the cashier keying in the prices as well? hahaha

we walked into physical pharm lecture 15 mins late, and spent the rest of the boring afternoon in unbearably boring lectures.

yay now i have new clothes ):
and a negative budget for the mac sale on friday ):


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