another wrecked day

i was trying so hard to resist buying something today.

it worked at the club marc super huge sale. i spotted a pair of grey shorts in my size for only $19.90! but then after trying i made myself decide that they did look pretty similar to another pair that i got online.

then at topshop, i went to try my beloved Holy Shitzu shirt. it was the last piece in S size, which means that im probably not going to see it for half price at the end of season sale, sighh. but topshop cotton graphic tees tend to fur after awhile so paying $53 for it really isnt worth it -i got my last 2 tees for half price at the end season sale. so no Holy Shitzu shirt for poor me.

by the time i got to mango and saw a lovely racer tank in light brown, i couldnt take it anymore and bought it.

haha uh oh better cut back on my expenses so i can buy lots of $6 stuff at the MAC sale in school on wednesday!!

if we talk about how much we sacrifice, then why are we sacrificing at all?
im shocked that you’d say all those things. i really dont know how to carry on from here.


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