so i wont have to

i had an awful start to what was to be a weekend that i can finally kick back, forget about studying for tests for a second, and relax.

but that didnt go so well. i ended up spending my entire saturday studying and doing homework. sucks.

met mat for dinner but when i got there, he was very sick so he went home and so did i. yes, a very lame anticlimax to that.

felt so pathetic by the time i got home and realised my family had already left for dinner without me despite my sms earlier to inform them about the change of plans.

an awful saturday indeed.

friday sucked too. i was just recovering from the nasty physio CA on thurs, and didnt have much time to read up on the new topic of Renal. so i was genuinely, and sincerely clueless at the physio tutorial. and then everyone else in my discussion group also claimed that they havent even studied for renal yet.

but when we had to discuss the questions in the mini quiz, everyone seemed to have something to say about regulating urine volume. bloody closet muggers i tell you! cheat my feelings! bluff me that they never study!!

i got so frustrated because i realised that the tutorial was a waste of my time, because i wouldve been more productive reading up at home instead of being confused by all these people who live 48-hour days on planet mars. seriously, where do you find time to briefly memorize an entire chapter after a mindnumbing 4 chapter CA the day before?

yea i also found out my anatomy grade is quite sucky compared to everyone else. haha i got 75 and thats a bloody A for pete’s sakes. still, i dont know why it feels like i’ve failed miserably.

on the miserable bus ride back from ruined dinner plans, i got squashed up against the corner by this mother-grandson-and grandma trio, who dont seem to have sensory neurones to detect compression. they were almost leaning on me for balance on the bus.

anyway i was playing cake mania on my DS and trying not to be annoyed, when suddenly, the mother reached out and pulled the grandma’s ear, in a completely viscious manner. the poor old lady’s head practically jerked sideways with the force.

and she seemed to have pulled it for PRACTICALLY NO REASON AT ALL!

oh and even better, the stupid grandson also decided it was some see-who-can-tug-your-grandma’s-ear-harder game and joined in.

poor grandma, the whole time while she was trying to talk to her daughter, the latter refused to have eye contact with her. and even snapped back at her really loudly.

stupid disrespectful bitch. but the funny thing about karma is that one day when shes old and immobile, her grandchildren will be by her bedside poking her eyeballs and pressing down on her nostrils while shes sleeping. and she wont be able to do anything about it because her fingers have rotted away because of all the viscious pulling, or amputated because shes got disgusting gangrene all over.

we’ll see how she feels then.


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