curiosity killed the cat

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need i say any more about how im truly drowning in all the midterm stress? i was swear i was dreaming about erthyrocytes last night.

hee hee today i heard some juicy scandalous rumour about ex-schoolmates. it has to do with the magical 3 letter word starting with ‘S’ that makes cassy’s ears prop up higher than orlando bloom’s prosthetic elf ears. oh we are such gossip girls haha.

lol and a couple of weeks back, we accidentally walked into a little dodgy dark corner while trying to find our way back to the labs, and interrupted a couple sharing a dodgy dark romantic moment.

i didnt really notice anything at first, until suelynn stuck her arms out like a barrier in front of all of us and yelled, ‘WAITTTT, STOPPP!!’ super dramatically. that had the exact opposite effect because our curiosity got the better of us and we sneaked over to get a closer look. unforunately one of the dodgy dark lovebirds turned his head around and spotted cassy peeking behind the bushes.

so, like idiots, we bolted,
and took the bloody long way back to the practical labs.

must make mental note never to walk through that dodgy dark corner, or use it. ha ha.

on a final note,
i wish i could freeze time, take a bus (that i’d stop time with) to vivocity and raid topshop, forever 21, mango, la senza, river island, and come back in time to finish studying for the stupid physio CA on thursday.


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