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ew i was eating lunch today- nasi lemak with cabbage.

i was almost done with my cabbage until i saw this little yellow thing on the leaf. so i picked it up with my fork and imagined it to be some baby ikan bilis that’s really malnourished and was probably much better dead than alive and starving. but then i compared it to a real baby ikan bilis and they look completely different.

and then i realised it was a bloody vegetable worm

i dug through the remaining pile of my vege and realised there were loads of bloody vege worms and little maggots among them. wah laoooooo

so congrats, i have just accidentally completed a fear-factor-like worm-eating stunt

oh gross, hope i dont get food poisioning from all the worm juice.

anw maths CA was quite scary because i didnt know how to do quite abit of questions. but anyway i dont really care much because i know the PRCs are gonna pwn me anyway. and besides, i had 2 pages worth of neatly-filled in helpsheet to help me get 2 additional marks for the CA.

then anatomy CA was pretty dumb. we had 1 hour for 10 MCQs and one short 5 mark essay. 12 years of kiasu MOE education would tell you that that’s a WHOLE LOT of time to complete those questions.

yet there are some idiots who start writing bloody frantically when the examiner has specifically mentioned that the exam hasnt started yet, and so no writing. give you 1 hour to write not enough ah? 1 hour can finish the paper, take train to city hall to buy J.Co donuts, come back, and still have time to check MCQ answers.

or maybe she wanted to take train to JB to buy dunkin donuts instead.

well anyway i screwed anatomy quite abit cos someone decided to play a nasty trick on everyone and ask about skeletal muscles for the short essay instead of the more exam-important topics like cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

wah lao thank goodness i was able to recall the obscene amount of time the lecturer spent pointing the upper quadrant of the gluteus maximus (that’s your right butt cheek btw) out as the best place for an injection.

then i didnt remember the deltoid so i put some rubbish muscle ‘brachial biceps’ that i bet doesnt exist hahaha.

other than that, i pretty much had a bloody lousy week, thanks to you.
ok back to studying now.


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