i am still numb from the joy of getting my metallic rose NINTENDO DS lite

and not just a Nintendo ds lite, its a Nintendo ds lite WITH GUITAR HERO ON TOUR!!!

ZOMG this is better than finding out you topped the class for ppda CA

-which i didnt by the way ha ha. i got 31/40 and despite that being the average score in class (all these damn mad muggers), i am overjoyed that i didnt fail!! so yes, a double celebration and another reason to justify the very pricey reward for myself.

omg omg guitar hero is like damn awesome on nit ds. haha its easier than the normal guitar hero because i guess they give allowance for the more difficult-to-press buttons. so there are only 4 buttons instead of 5 and they become quite hard to press once you’re palms become sweaty.

and the guitar extension looks like damn colourful brass knuckles. so better not wear it around for fun if its not plugged in to the nit ds.

haha but i dont care cos i love guitar hero and all the songs in nit ds’s guitar hero on tour! they include the likes of: this love by Maroon 5, all the small things by Blink 182, all star by smash mouth and Helicopter by Bloc Party!

all my favourite!!

but i wont be playing gh in public any time soon because its spastic-to-the-maxxxx if i keep shouting ‘ROCK ON’ into the mic to activiate the star power mode. HAH

the uncle also gave me loads of other games like sims 2, cooking mama and trauma centre which i cant wait to start being addicted to once this damn round of CAs end.

so happyy. thank you matin of course, for sponsoring the gh game. it is the new love of my life! haha maybe i can start charging 10 bucks per hour like scammer cine arcade. then i can go buy the new gh on tour decades smt when it comes out soon!

sad thing about it is that i blew my entire 8 lessons of tution pay entirely on the ds. and the funny thing about that is that my student hasnt paid me yet. so um, ha ha..


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