puking cheese

aww matin baked me my belated belated birthday cake today!

it was a tiramisu cheesecake -haha tried to ask for an oreo cheesecake cos i knew its bloody hard to make but to no avail.

nonetheless it was really nice!




but then i had abit of gastric and stomach upset so i went home and puked everything out. terribly sorry about it!

haha and omg look how his hamsters have multiplied ever since he accidentally bought back one pregnant female hamster the first time.




and that’s scar face! haha hes so fat now even his white scar expanded a whole lot. hes the idiot who ran away after i confined him to a plastic container of a jail for attempting to rape his mother. i bet he’s impregnated loads of his other cousins and sisters ever since, thus resulting in the 5 cages worth of hamsters at present.


haha silly hamsters who fall back every time i blow at them suddenly.

fresh new babies – anybody interested?

ok must mug really hard this week.


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