its officially the start of the holidays, a very bitterly short 7 days to catch up with school work because everything is in a big mess right now. gotta find some way to get familiar with debye-huckel’s nonsense and figure out where my ulna and tibia are by the following monday.

anyway i had my virgin clubbing experience today!

dont understand the hype about clubbing actually. maybe im neither a very dancey person nor the kind who has alot of money to waste on vodkas after vodkas.

it was so crowded and sticky and noisy that it got so tiring having to shout across the 20cm wide table just so suelynn could hear me.

i stuck around long enough to watch the racy nurses’ dance item- totally pussycat dolls style except someone’s excessive tummy flab movement was really distracting me. medicine was really good as well – all of them look like they have carrot juice 3 meals a day and do a yoga routine once every 5 minutes. soo jealous :/




oh yea btw nursing and medicine won for the female and male pageant respectively. i didnt manage to vote anyway but i would’ve voted for pharmacy for sure, or at least for the medicine girl. oh well..

then i think the bartender got really irritated with us trying to order our free drink. its so confusing really. they should just pick a drink for us instead of having us choose a drink out of the thousands of other drinks that arent valid for the exchange.

i tried sex on the beach – cannot.
lychee martini – cannot.
long island tea – cannot. (bartender was rolling his eyes by now)

in the end i had to drink apple juice vodka which wasnt so bad, though i really wouldve liked sex on the beach. haha ronald simply had to make use of the situation to ask, ‘so? no sex ah?’

missed camwhoring with a whole lot of people though cos everyone was all over the place.






i guess the only fun thing about clubbing is laughing at people wearing white and glowing in the uv illuminated place, espcially if like you’re wearing a sheer black top and white, frumpy grandma panties, thinking that nobody will be able to see them.

i left by 1030pm: haha way too early to see drunken people making out or puking outisde. but i’ll save that for another time when maybe, say, joel can drive me home at 1230am!


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