goodbye for now ):



miss you melly )):

it was extra emo at the airport because it was the season for people leaving the country for uni. the entire terminal three was bustling with the many friends and parents of uni-leavers. i saw this girl who hugged her friend for the longest time ever and they were both crying, and then some spoiler idiot went around to film them on his digicam, laughing away.

though 3 months is actually quite a short time, it sucks to say goodbye.

but i couldn’t cry though cos i was scared her parents would laugh at me lol. luckily there’s still skype and facebook! though must still figure out how to use skype in the meanwhile. my voice still sounds so soft. lol and must find out a way to look glam in the grainy resolution of webcam.

and joel’s right, i feel quite sad every time i go to the airport cos it sucks that im not the one who’s getting to go on a holiday.

but ytd really felt sucky, especially when mel’s friend and dad stood right behind the cruel glass separating the departure hall from the main hall, waving until melinda and her mum became a tiny speck in the distance. so sad )))):

all the best dear mel! please blog soon!!!
love you!! 😀



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