lace off your shoes

haha omg i thought i was going to get sucky marks for my first math homework but i managed to scrape at 4 out of 5 marks!!!

so bloody relieved when i saw it.

well apparently, 4 means
(done all questions & minor mistakes in selected questions)
or (missed some questions & selected questions are correct.)

while a 3 means
(missed some questions & minor mistakes in selected questions)
or (done all questions & serious mistakes in selected questions.)

k so if i pretend to try very hard in my future homework, and perhaps make it as accurate as i can from yahoo answers, i can keep getting 4 and 3 for homework!

but who am i kidding la. think i’ll screw up finals anyhow and have a disgusting cap cos of math. what in the world even possessed me to take math at uni in the first place.

speaking of possession. nah i havent been possessed as of late. but last thurs i was having the awful sensation of ‘something sitting on you and you cant wake up‘ thing again.

this time it was worse because i felt my arms and limbs being held down. and i tried to get up but couldnt. my eyes were slightly opened though i remember shutting them cos i was too scared to see. lol whatever it was had cassy’s voice playing in my head to tell me to ‘relax la, its only for fun’. and at the same time i was feeling my ear being poked at.

then i struggled a whole lot and finally kicked it away.

after which i was mother scared so i locked my fingers together and started praying all the prayers that 10 years of IJ education has ever taught me.

then slowly, i began to wake up properly and when i did, i realised that my hands were at my sides (not clenched-locked together), and my blanket wasnt kicked off the bed like i thought it would be.

perhaps its a really bad dream? but it felt so real because i swear i was semi-conscious in the ‘dream’.

ok im scaring myself. its 12am and i should really hope that all that was merely a muscular spasm when one studies too much about excitation-contraction coupling.


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