there is a light that never goes out

so burnt doing math tutorials. i swear they make me hormonally imbalanced until im just a tinge away from being green like the hulk.

hee hee pariss buffet for dinner and my tummy is bursting to the maxxxx. thank goodness i wore some empire cut top that’s looser around the waist, otherwise i’d be unglamorously pot-bellied.

haha im a sucker when it comes to buffets cos i dont eat that much. but i managed to starve myself well enough for the oysters, salmon, sharks fin, durian puff, chilli rab and so many more.





lol thats not beer. its matin’s ice-cream float creation, which happened to be honeydew flavoured with honeydew bits inside the ice-cream, in zapple. hahaha damn weird but damn nice!


its hard to believe that too much of a good thing is really not that good (shit why am i using physiology quotes now). after my second oyster i was like bleargh. and after a couple of slices of smoked salmon, i felt nauseous. totally skipped the sushi section cos eating all that rice will not maximize my $50. the only thing that i couldnt stop eating were the durian puffs. haha but by dessert time my stomach was crying out for space already so i couldnt be that merciless.

zomg there was this girl, who is like darn skinny, and she had like a plate full of prawns and another with a whole pile of chili crab, and she wasnt even sharing half of it with her boyfriend!! what a monster eater!

then we saw some noob boy stacking his plate with 10 oysters and 10 lemons. lol he trying to make lemonade with oyster bits or what.

oh and this family of angmohs, 2 parents 2 kids, walked in and ate barely enough to fill my stomach on a normal basis, and left within the hour. so if you think about it, they paid like about $130 in total just to sample some prawns here, and maybe try a little bit of the lamb chop there. that, is the difference between singaporeans buffet attitude and the angmohs.

oh yea watched my sassy girl today and though the koreans really do it better, i cried like buckets towards the end and im thankful my mac water-resistant eyeliner didnt bail on me.

ok its nearly 2am and this is my compensation for studying all through the day. though it really cocks up my sleeping cycle.


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