i swear i am a genius

i was having a hell of a hard time trying to draw the bloody 3 component diagram from physical pharmacy practical today. well its basically a 3 axes graph that has damn alot of lines on the graph paper and looks damn bloody confusing cos you have to keep turning the diagram to plot a point. okay nevermind i also dunno what im talking about.

its supposed to look something like this


and after awhile i realised that you actually need THREE rulers to plot a SINGLE point.

but that looks damn stupid right.

then i had a genius of a brainwave, when i spotted some golden shimmery string that i stole from my office’s art and craft stash awhile back cos it was so pretty. OMG i can use strings instead of rulers, and just stick them onto the paper with blue tack so that they wont slide away!!!

therefore, the intersections of 3 golden strings, indicating points on each of the 3 axes, will give you the final point of the 3 component system!

and this is how i drew my ternary diagram in 15 minutes


damn smart right!

i bet nobody thought of that. haha then i can totally write an article on wiki about plotting ternary diagrams for struggling pharmacists. it’ll be called the michelle-goldenstring method. but unlike boltzmann and le chatelier, i’d be darn famous for making the lives of students better, not worse.

k la must go do other kinds of homework and feel stupid again.


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