wished you were here

thanks everyboddyyy for the sweet birthday wishes, they made me feel so much better about going to school on my birthday!

cassy, melly, thanks for the nice present that i will definitely wear when i go for my first clubbing!!

wearing the pharmacy shirt today was a big mistake. felt so stuffy and hot and noobish in the maroon shirt. went central library to study and felt like an idiot cos i was wearing a pharm shirt, and also cos the front counter staff scolded the hell out of me cos i told them i couldnt tap in cos i lent my matric card to my friend. the guy was pointing his index finger at and threatening me like im some juvenile delinquent who’s going to play truant.

siao la, as if they caught me sneaking weed into the central library to sell people.

but whatever, wont let them spoil my day.

yumyum i had soup restaurant for dinner and then went to buy a new york cheesecake from bakerzinn– their cakes pwn! remember on my last day of work, i had to cut this insanely MONSTER LARGE new york cheesecake for everyone. this time around i chucked the knife to my dear mum and told her i was weak. hahaha

look absolutely ghastly under the lighting


thanks sat, zheng, jessie, gen (my chubby chubbs), kaye, suelynn, oliver, poey, shen, ds, sharon, regina, joel for remembering my birthday!! 😀

so this is it. i think my birthday wish worked last year so i wished for roughly the same things. haha hope that by saying this wont jinx anything.

so thats all! homework and beauty sleep beckons


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