if i am handsome, then i can attract girls

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anatomy is so confusing. i dont see why a pharmacist needs to know where the gluteus maximus is, although that is the only muscle i can remember after reading the hundred of names in the textbook. cos thats the butt! haha

lol and some math solution from my tutor reads:

Mathematics is a very precise language. if you say that ‘you cannot feed monkeys at the zoo’, it doesn’t mean that ‘the monkeys cannot feed you’

ok back to non academic-related nonsense,

well yes i succumbed to my material greed and bought a MAC lipglass as well as some cute triumph underwear at the tangs sale again yesterday.

i must say that the MAC eyeliner really doesn’t smudge. omg its like some miracle formula that retains the colour on your eyelid. oh but if you sweat like a whole lot (i.e when making out with hot guy in club) then im sure some bits of it will run, but not as much as the normal ones. so my $12 was very worth it! maybe can start wearing eyeliner to school like hiao zha bo!

today, mum and i went out to birthday-shop despite the rain. i think i bought too little things but felt bad because those little things add up to quite alot. and i was feeling guilty about spending so much of my mum’s money until i came home and my brother said he spent twice that amount on his birthday. and she still ‘owes’ him a crumpler. what an ass.

didnt buy a coach wallet after all because the designs arent worth spending $359 for. missed the pink patent one, but it seems to be gone from the current collection.

and dont even mention the nitendo ds, mum says im too big for silly things like that. sigh, so i guess i’ll have to save money to play guitar hero at rip-off cine arcade.

also, even though there’s comex, stupid ipod touch’s price is so damn inelastic. i thought the price would have gone down at least by $50 with the entrance of the iphone – which is really the same as an ipod touch, just that it has phone functions. well but the price stays at a rigid $498 with stupid free gifts that i dont need. so that was out of the question too.

hee hee but i went back to Mango to buy the pretty grecian goddess like top in black, and denim capris that are SKINNIES-fit :D, and a brown cardigan to match the clothes my wardrobe for sch.

and a black Wacoal strapless bra! ooh i love the lingere fitting rooms at taka. so wide and spacious with a grand 3-way mirror and they even have switches to adjust the lighting to ‘day‘ and ‘night‘ modes! i was stalling for so long in there that when i came out there was a queue outside. haha but not my fault, who ask them dunno how to find other change rooms (which are just as wide and grand) on the same level?

lol i was eyeing the Chalone bras and trying to figure out how one normal looking bra can be worn in 99 different ways. but the sales assistant was coming over, so i felt embarrassed and walked away.

wanted to find a backless bra but i think those are just the ones that stick onto your boobs and lose their stickiness after one or two applications.

sucks that my birthday is on a school day, and a super long and frustrating one at that. i was planning my special birthday outfit (ha ha not birthday suit) for monday and whats this? an email telling me to wear my stuffy, maroon pharm shirt on monday.

conformity or having my name written down in a book of ‘guai lan non-conformists
maybe the former would be better since im going to stick with these people for the next 4 years.

sigh, at least i can maybe wear my denim capris underneath? ew but i cant wear my nice brown mango sweater cos the polo tee sleeves are too thick to fit. spoiler sia..

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