mac madness

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OMG so exciting tangs sale came to the central form today. but even better, MAC came in with a whole bunch of stuff that had ridiculous 60-80% discounted prices.


hahaha went all around the booth to look at pretty lipglass (yay today i learnt the different between lipglass and lipgelee!), many different shades of eyeliner, vibrant blushers and $5 nail lacquer.

seriously, where can you possibly find $5 MAC nail lacquer??? haha though the colours were only like nude, chocolate-brown and deep indigo (that got sold out in a flash), its still darn worth it cos its only $5. missha ones may be slightly cheaper but they dont last very long and are damn toxic to your nose when you use them.

so, buy la!

haha we bought the nude colour and painted our nails at the study benches in the remaining hour before afternoon lecutre started. so bimbotic but really damn excited to try it out!

and there were the whole collection of metallic shimmery eyeliners that are water-resistant. finally i dont have to keep touching up when my eyeliner smudges! and finally i can rub my eyes accidentally without feeling insecure about looking like a panda for next 10 minutes until i find a toilet.

i bought perma plum, which is a purple sort of colour. and its actually not as shimmery as cassy’s but at least its damn long lasting!

i bought the powerpoint eye liner pencil as well, in ebony. the soft crayon like top is so nice to draw! like outlining my pencil pictures in art class. both eyeliner pencils were $12!!!! body shop sells theirs for a more expensive price and yet they smudge. so it was a huge steal, literally.

yay well but im not going to start wearing eyeliner to school cos its super impractical and unconducive to sleep on my palms during boring lectures.

booo i really like the eye shadows too but i am brokey broke ):

the um he/she sales assistant tried to convince me to buy the mascara cos he/she says he/she (ok this is damn tiring i’ll stick to a ‘she’) uses 3 coats of it on her relatively short lashes and it works really well. but then that was also cos she had falsies on. kaye and suelynn got tricked into buying haha but not me! or perhaps its because, to me, no matter how mascara claims to curl and freeze your eyelashes in that state, its not going to make mine any less scanty than they already are.

lol suelynn spent like $56 in that hour of MAC madness. i scraped the 30 mark by $1 and kaye kept it real safe at $17. still, i bet we managed to get like at least $100 worth of discounts. so in the words of cassy trying to defend her exquisite taste in miss sixty and diesel jeans,
‘if you buy something on sale, its not counted!’


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