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here i am, running out of clothes to wear to school- i have exhausted all my wearable un-dressy tops, and all the permutations and combinations of top-shorts that i can think of. and NOW, what is this, an email asking the class to make monday FORMAL WEAR DAY?

why, do they enjoy staring at the glamorous formal-wearing dentistry students in physiology lecture so much that they have decided to mimic their dressing style?

it’ll be so tacky when a whole bunch of pharm people decided to blend in with the dressing-style-above-the-rest dentistry cohort during our common physio lecture on monday.

needless to say, whats so exciting about wearing formal wear when you dont even bother to maintain a clean record with the fashion police on normal days? NUS Rag and Flag day shirts, farmer-checks tunics, and sheer leggings worn as pants dont exactly qualify as wearable school outfits do they?

well actually its much worse in math lecture, where you have people walking into lectures wearing RJC and CJC pe tshirts, and even one that had a large ‘SEC 3 ADVENTURE CAMP 2004’ emblazoned on the back.

haha there are also these two funny china guys who wear the EXACT same thing each time i see them on tues and fri lectures. one wears this majorly old-fashioned and really quite ratty-looking brown collared shirt tucked into his waist high beige pants. the other wears the same blue basketball jersey every time.

but when i visit FASS for the canteen, there are all these fashionable people who pair tanks with the right cardigan in matching shades, wear high-waisted jeans without looking odd, have NUM shirts with the obscene wanker cartoon, and are able to carry off those long flowy colour-tiered bohemian skirts perfectly well.

cant say that about the guys there who wear skinny jeans though.

ah think i shall forget about the coach wallet and the nitendo ds for my birthday present this year, gotta get new clothes and shoes for my school-induced wardrobe expansion.

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