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we were bored during the self-extended 4 hours break (cos we skipped anatomy- yay no bad dreams about cadavers this week), and so went to the central library forum to walk around.

and then we got a flyer from some guy who asked us to participate in a sampling test conducted by fac of science and medicine. normally i wouldn’t care for such things but the magic words ‘FREE $10 NUS CO-OP VOUCHER’ really did the trick and motivated us to navigate through the complicated SOC building to a dodgy room at a dodgy corner, where the experimental test was conducted.

its basically a test which involves the collection of a large sample of DNA and the testing of allergies on the same sample group.

for the allergies test, they mark out 6 spots on your forearm and drop different kinds of allergens on it. for example, dust mite and fungi. then they use a skin prick to poke a tiny hole in each spot for the allergen to react with your skin. it didnt hurt much, and neither was there blood, otherwise i’d have told you that i fainted today in the first sentence of the entry.

but then after 5 mins, the dust mite and histamine (positive control) spots started to itch like a bitch. and it was swelling to the size of a full blown mosquito bite. zomg wanted to scratch but the guy said it would get worse.

ah while still itching, we were instructed to do a mouth wash which is really not as simple as we were made to believe. because they had to collect cheek cells in the process, the saline mouth wash had to be kept in your mouth for 2 minutes, and in between, you had to rub your cheeks and lips against your teeth.

damn tiring!! nearly spat my mouthwash out when i saw cassy massaging her lip like she was trying to promote upper lip hair growth, instead of scraping skin cells.

but it was all worth it, i reckon, for a free $10 co-op voucher. hee hee can buy more zig markers and pens and a purple post-it dispenser (god-knows-what for)!!! 😀

nus non-academic life is fun. every week there’s something cool happening. like there was a bazaar this week and they sold spongebob stuffed toys zomg! haha no i didnt buy cos it would’ve been quite dumb. and plus, they were fake.

ooh there were all these cheap graphic tees on sale too, for $5 a piece. didnt buy either cos i was too lazy to scour the racks to find a nice design. actually more like i was too busy rushing to class. very pathetic ):

there was also azabu sabo jap icecream and a crepe stall set up at the science foyer on tuesday. and we all brought crepes and ice-cream cones into the anatomy lecture. i also got coffee bean mocha ice-blended at $5 on monday to keep me awake during the horrid 4 hour lecture, esp PPDA, which really makes me break out into ezcema.

so glad the weekend is nearly here.


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