We wrote our names on every train

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haha yay i finally graduated to guitar hero MEDIUM level last night. but then mel and joel went on to try their hands at HARD, which adds in the last orange key at the end in the songs, so im still the noob lol. but thats all right, at least i feel better about playing the guitar cos really, who plays the guitar with 3 fingers? hahah

we played from 8 to 11pm and i think the guy at the counter has already memorized joel’s contact details in his head and recognized us as the bunch of GH addicts.

i walked out at cine at 11, having the impression that the entire orchard would be empty and quiet. instead, as i walked out into the outdoor foyer of cine, it was clouded in a sea of second-hand cigarette smoke, from the 60-ish crowd of smokers outside. surely if there’s so much second-hand smoke in the air, wouldnt one actually not need to light up anymore, and simply stand in the thickest part of the smoking crowd and inhale deeply?

safe money what, right?

bleh i spent a bomb this weekend ):

first, i bought capris or above-knee berms or whatever you call those from pull and bear. simply had to buy it cos its so rare that i can actually find berms that are above knee! yay can wear them to school, though still isnt appropriate enough for lab lessons. cant believe they dont allow Crocs at practicals, they’re covered shoes what!

also, i finally finished spending my boss’s back-to-school angpao on an east pak backpack. lol like who still carries backpacks to uni? but i find it more practical than totes, which are a real bitch to my weak shoulders. and eastpak backpacks are the sex! so colourful and pretty!

new things make me look forward to going to school! 😀

oh yes and i cant believe i burnt the weekend away studying phase diagrams, synapses and Hantzsch-Widman. such a nerd already.


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