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feel horridly suicidal at present.

PR1101 lectures are a bloody waste of time. first of all, the lecture notes are hardly sufficient for us to understand nomenclature naming. second of all, the lecturer reads off the exact same slides without giving any more information to enrich the sparse and useless notes.

third of all, the lecturer has such an international scope of education that he has an english (bOttle!) mixed american (texas howdy-cowboy kind) mixed australian (g’day mate) accent. throw in a native russian hitler-like mannerisms and just a table spoon of constant genius stammering and you get a concoction of OMGWTFBBQ?

haha try saying pyrrolidine, piperidine, mopholine, piperazine really quickly

now try saying all that with the brit-aussie-texas-hitler-stammer accent

the amount of saliva absorbed by the microphone mouthpiece would have been enough to rescue the entire continent of africa from its drought.

piangz and the lecturer is like CLUELESS (either that or act blur) to the fact that no one in hell understands him or his lecture notes. and you know what, he doesnt care you know. he just asks briefly whether we get it. and sometimes when we dont, he will go back and explain in the exact same manner that has landed us in the state of confusion that we are now. other times he realises that time is running out for him to finish 60 slides in 2 hours, so he just breezes on to the next slide, ignoring the open mouths of dohhh all around him.

i honestly dont get it, what is with rushing through the entire syllabus if no one is going to remember what they’re learning?

and why the hell does methylbenzene has to have a special name called toluene? same goes for pyridiline and other pee-pee sounding things.

if its like ‘hi michelle, you can call me mich’
then at least can la

but its like ‘hi im michelle, but you can call me jacob’
makes no sense right!

wah lao dunno why the hell im comparing myself with methylbenzene. PR1101 really spoils my day. now i have to spend the entire weekend naming bloody compounds. even thinking of names for my future children would be a whole lot easier.

oh yes earlier today, we got to go to the anatomy hall for a tour. first up, we entered a large room that reeked of chrolofoam. and in the centre of the hall, were four cadavers lying on trolleys. cadavers are dead bodies used for anatomical studies or smt like that.

the cadavers seriously looked so dramatic that i suspected they were fake. but the smell doesnt lie. and on a closer look, you can actually see all the bodies in various stages of freezed-decomposition processes, with their nails intact (did you know that your nails and hair still continue to grow even after you die?) and facial features distinct.

very disturbing actually. the smell makes it alot frightening. its simply so ironic to see their face at peace and yet their bodies are drastically cut opened for the entire world to see. well there were other cadavers in the glass tanks that didnt look very at peace as their reproductive organs were displayed in strange postions, and brains halved to see the CNS.

ew they even cut 1/4 the head of the penis so you can see the insides. then the poor testicles were also halved and swimming around next to it.

okay well we were introduced to the general anatomy of a female cadaver on the trolley by a chinese doctor. her (i mean the cadaver) boobs were already flattened because they had to suck out all the fats, and the entire cranial cavity was removed. yet, her eyelids were still intact and lips still quite thick, and vaginal muscle DAMN thick. hahahha omg seems like thats the only muscle that still looks like a muscle after years of decompostion.

the doctor wore gloves and handled the corpse like it was completely inanimate. he kept lifting her arm up and down, pulling open her torso and ribs to dig at her small intestine, squeeze her heart, poked her liver, and showed us the cadaver’s shrunken uterus.

it makes me wince every time he uses the back of his gloved and cadaver-stained palms to adjust his glasses.

dont even know whether i can blog about this sia. damn controversial can. next time when you are old, please make sure that you have at least someone who loves you and is willing to claim your body from the hospital. otherwise you will end up being cut opened and poked at for noobs like us to see.

next, we went up to a more civilised anatomy museum, which had body parts from at least a hundred bodies displayed in various dimensions and sections. that was seriously cool, until i saw a cadaver with hair and a real pissed off facial expression, probably because his entire half of the face was dissected for show.

the foetuses one were the most normal, because all of them were intact. cant imagine i used to be a mere centimeter small. its really amazing how they can extract a foetus that is still inside an intact amniotic sac. hope they werent taken from dead pregnant women, cos thats just really saddening.

yup, so if i get suicidal enough over naming nomenclatures, i might volunteer myself to the anatomy museum and then you’ll see my burnt brains on display.

shit, now i might get nightmares about heterocyclics and cadavers :/


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