acetanilide ass

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ew gross i went to buy my anatomy textbook already. and im nerdily excited to start reading it over the weekend!

while at the nus co-op, cassy was so intrigued by all the grotesque and gory pictures of surgery in the medical books. zomg there was a surgery book with a cover that had like a badly stitched thumb that was originally ripped open down the sides. and the breast surgery pictures nearly made me vomit my wan ton noodles from lunch.

thankfully, and quite conveniently, i’m not a doctor.

meanwhile, i cant cope with the transition from jc chem to the chem related modules here. ortho para meta and bloody isobutyl is really messing with my head. and the lecturers here are really more interested in completing their lecture within the scheduled time than actually making sure everyone understands. miss the spoon feeding in jc alot ):

got a tutorial exercise for homework and i take 15 minutes to name each mother-complex compound. damn pek chek leh. it ate up my whole morning. had to make myself relax by watching what happens in vegas on the bus to school.

then the lab safety briefing was a total waste of time. after 2 hours of watching ancient 1980s videos of angmohs demonstrating different ways of maintaining lab safety, including a very disturbing scene of a guy helping to putt his friend’s clothes off until his unsightly obese and chemically-contaminated friend was down to his tighty whities and jumping under the emergency shower, we had to take a 10 MCQ questions test. you need 7 to pass wth otherwise you cannot attend practical classes.

shit la i hope i pass.

anw the lab safety lecturer is totally unprofessional and untactful. she kept chiding us for not paying attention and warned that if we got into accidents, the lab safety department of pharmacy cannot win their whatver annual safety nonsense gold award and get $50,000.

like anyone would purposely try to get themselves into accidents just so they can jeopardise the pharmacy safety deparment’s money-minded goals.

ooh lookie here! how about i drop some 70% ethanol mix into my right eye and then stick a lighted match into it, just so i can see how fast people react to my screams.


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