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school was a real wake up call. a wake up call (and definitely time to say goodbye to) to the very very relaxed lifestyle i have been living for the past 8 months. and a bigger a wake up call to the fact that my brains have indeed retarded in the same period of inactivity.

first lecture was physiology. the lecturer spent 1 hour introducing the topic and that was a real waste of time because he was asking each fac (nusing, pharm and dentistry) to come up with definitions of physiology. the second half of the lecture went into basic recap of jc stuff, which i dont remember as well anymore )):

i miss jc cos the notes are damn informative and self-explanatory. uni notes are like filled with redundant diagrams and words without any real explanation. then they ask you to spend a frigging bomb on textbooks to enrich your notes.

yes, speaking of textbooks, there are like at least 2 to 3 recommended texts to buy for EACH module. thats like a whole bunch of books and money spent on stuff that could actually be planted in notes. and during the 4 hour break, we ended up in the IT co-op browsing textbooks. damn wthbbq la, sue lynn and i were browsing our own uber thick textbook as well – elle magazine.

oh yea we ate lunch at FASS canteen cos there was 4 hours to kill. the jap food there isnt too bad! and i had to pay to replace my matric card cos yes, i lost it already. must have fell out when i was wheeling the trolley back at cold storage on saturday.

physical pharmacy lec was the beginning of the downward slope of confusion and distress. by the time we got to physiochemical principles, i was breaking out with cold sweat because i didnt have a single clue as to what the notes or the lecturer was saying.


draw the structure for:

gonna spend this lonely mat-gone-cos-of-stupid-field-camp weekend mugging already. the stress is too much to take. everyone is rushing to the lecturer after class to clarify questions and im just too confused to think of anything to ask. as much as i hate all the kiasu-ness, im shit scared by it. so its time to start mugging.

lol then go to school and act cool, pretend pretend abit, say that i didnt study, just read through lecture notes for the next 5 semesters only.


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