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RAG day – totally skipped it to play guitar hero in the afternoon. hahaha got pwned by mel and joel so now im only going to play easy modes when im playing them.

anw rag looked pretty good, but the thing started so late so i decided to go off already. heard pharmacy won 2 prizes so YAY for them haha.


lol some super-on science fac guy in michael-jackson-like gloves dancing to YMCA



bleh all the lecture notes are all coming in already. and im starting to feel lazy and stupid because i dont want to start reading my notes. hopefully i get psyched into my hardworking nerd mood once lessons start next week.

“Activated platelets extend filopodia.
Actin and myosin contract, forcing out the contents of platelet granules.

Degranulated platelets secrete:
– Serotonin and thromboxane A (enhance vascular spasms).
– ADP (enhances platelet aggregation and secretion).
– Platelet factor (PF3, activates blood coagulation).
– Calcium (essential for blood coagulation).
– Factor XIII (FSF) covalently crosslinks fibrin monomers.
– PDGF (promotes growth of fibroblasts).
– VEGF (promotes growth of vascular endothelial cells).”

sehhh liao.


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