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fancy chasing down 20 odd year olds for MCs if they dont turn up for just one day of camp. seriously man, they had all the time to do that in the past three days. and on the fateful day that i decided to go home and pon the next 2 days, someone calls me up to tell me that ‘giving tuition’ is not a valid excuse for skipping FOW camp.

then its like she said no no no she’ll let me off in the afternoon to go for tuition. though i was totally bluffing about the tuition part, it really doesnt make sense! like why does she have to be so persistant to get me to report at 9am at school if im going to be let off later anyway? wth bloody annoying.

she kept insisting that i signed the stupid indemnity form for camp so she has to account for me to the department. then she kept cutting in to remind me, ‘eh you signed the form right, you signed it right?’

hello, i signed the form because it stated that if you dont sign the ruddy form, you cant go for camp. so what, are you trying to tell me that as long as my signature is down on that useless piece of paper, you are my mother?

please la…

and there was no way that a clause like ‘if you sign this form, you are agreeing to be responsible for reporting to your nag of a mother for 5 whole days at 9am’ or anything remotely similar in meaning to it was written in the form. so dont come and bull to me about some reconstructed meaning of indemnity form that i dont know about.

hate the way that some seniors treat us like we’re primary school kids, talking down in some condescending manner.

‘if you all need to go wee wee, please call me okay? teacher teacher will hold your hand and bring you to go shi shi at the toilet.

no boy! cannot put your hand at your crotch if you want to ask to go toilet, cannot! it is very inappropriate!’

cant expect the respect if you dont earn it i guess. and especially not if you instruct us to make stupid fans and arm bands and sit around bumming without trying to help a little.

still gonna skip tml because i am a stubborn mule. haha apparently it got to be such a failure that nobody wanted to turn up anymore and so they made a drastic switch of plans to relocate orientation acitvities to sentosa instead. oh like that would really make a difference.

half my og is gone for rag anyway, its really sad. dont know why they bothered to incorporate the rest of us into Oweek.

it was so bad that only 50 plus of us turned up today. the entire morning was filled with boring redundant talks like a library talk and tour. i would say the tour was quite alright cos i bet i’ll be spending half my uni life hiding there anyway. but then sponsors came in and started advertising their multi-vitamin products and berocca, which was awfully boring. berocca didnt even give free samples haha so i didnt bother paying any attention to their tacky powerpoints and advertisements.

the telematch in the afternoon was the only high-light of the day. still, 4 games played by merged and modified OGs didnt really live up to my AC-orientation expectations. AC is still the best la. they have like truckload full of games, even on AC games day, and planning of the game is so so much better.

wah lao we were playing softball with bamboo poles wrapped around with newspapers at the end, captains ball with a sponge, and hockey with a lao-hong beach ball.

okay la quite fun nonetheless. made new friends from the merged OGs as well. and i have nice rosy cheeks from the sun now.

also found out who my year 2 senior is, whos supposed to share her lab reports with me in future. hope shes nice!

tml is rest day! time to explore barren student-less orchard road, something i havent done in a long long time.

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