the pleasure, the pain

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oh nooooo camp starts tml and im so scared about a hundred and one things that may seem completely unnecessary to one who has camps every other day.

1. what if im in a group full of people who already know each other from the previous pharm camp?
2. what if i cant find the toilet at night- which is my biggest fear, knowing how hyperactive my bladder normally is.
3. what if the toilet is like totally haunted?? even more so now that its already the 7th month
4. what if i cant sleep and end up with a huge migraine the next morning
5. what if i lose my contacts while playing games :S
6. what if i uh, get my period like half a month early, and am completely unprepared for it? :/

im such a wussy right.

last time i went for OBS 5 day camp, i broke my specs and had to masking tape it up- wah lao even worse than harry potter. haha two mats started laughing at me when they walked past okayyy. what an embarrassment.

hahaha then i was also supposed to get my period during OBS. wah lao so i brought like 10 packs of kotex. and in the end, it didnt come. instead, other people who knew about my large stash and who got their period halfway through, came to my tent to ask for pads. gladly gave them away so i could lighten my load lol.

and the last camp i went for was the stupid 30 hour famine camp. and i was bloody starving myself to sleep like a poor impoverish kid whos lucky enough to be sleeping in a sleeping bag.

cant bloody wait for friday.


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