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8 months ago, i would’ve been dreading mondays like hell because of work. i never felt like i could fit in with that kind of environment where everyone behaves completely different from all the people i meet at school.

this is in addition to the fact that my spoken chinese sucks so i refuse to talk to anyone in chinese for fear of embarrassing myself. that made it harder to fit in with the mostly chinese speaking population in the office.

nonetheless, 8 months has flown by, and i kind of wish there were 8 days more (no way 8 months, cos i’d have vomitted my entire small intestine out by then), but just about a week more to treasure all the nice and not so nice people i’ve enjoyed working with secretely.

i mean, maybe sometimes i end up doing all the dirty work. but the best thing about this place, unlike so many others, is that they really appreciate it. i imagined that nobody really cared about me leaving. the previous temp was a super motherly and friendly auntie who received so much protest from everyone for the last couple of weeks after announcing her departure. from then on, i always believed that i would hardly be remembered, since i am not that chummy with the office people.

but awwww
they bought me so many goodbye presents!

my 3 bosses- clarine, creswell and susan, shared to buy me a baby G watch, knowing that a couple of weeks before, i commented that creswell’s swatch was very nice and that i’ve always wanted the adidas watch but hate wearing watches.

haha ok but thats not the point right. point is, they got me a watch and i really love it! even though i still hate wearing watches cos i dont like something clinging on to my wrist. but just like a 10 carat diamond cartier bracelet, or for now, a white and gold baby G, i’ll accommodate it just fine (:

clarine, creswell and tiffany also gave a mighty large red packet that i feel bad receiving, but feel even worse trying to push it back to them. am so undeserving. but its going to go into the back-to-school fund- to buy me a new pencilbox, school bag and notebook!

and maybe a new pair of jeans for school, oh and that nice dress too, maybe new shoes…

oh yes, and i got a bought of half a dozen of roses from the others! haha ya why half a dozen?- sound like ordering satay. it was so pretty anyway. i was genuinely shocked when tinman popped by my desk and presented the bouquet to me, looking so pleased with himself, as if he were representing AIG to present a million dollars to the president’s star charity.

tinman says (between his raspy breaths), ‘ho ho, enjoy your youth! nus orientation very fun one. i went last time. study hard okay?

and at the end of the day he came by again to shake my hand and wish me all the best. k guess i gotta try my best to miss him.

finally, shirley and layhoon both asked for permission to take a longer lunch break so that they could dash to eunos mrt to get me a winnie the pooh bouquet! haha so sweet of them, but winnie’s going to be collecting alot of dust particles on my piano in the years to come.

well i bought a whole bunch of sweets and chocolates from cold storage with gen on tuesday and spent the entire afternoon wrapping them up for all my colleagues. even had to raid gen’s food stash at home cos we ran out of sweets and still had 5 more goodie bags to wrap.

haha like quite cheapo hor. but to my surprise, they loved it. cos previously, none of the temps gave them anything on their last day. haha so guess i mightve exceeded expectations just this time around.

bought my bosses a USB cup warmer, which is supposed to keep your drinks warm by using power from the office computer. lol creswell bluntly asked if it was from action city (not the most glam place to buy gifts from :/ ), cos her colleague used to have it. then i asked whether it works, she said no.

how bloody embarrassing. tried to salvage the situation by suggesting that maybe its cos her colleague didnt use it with a cover on the cup.

the new temp! you know i really should invest in some fake lashes and permanent liquid eyeliner. look completely bland next to her.

with creswell! who is blatantly upset about the height difference and tries to conceal it


susan too


tiffany! haha uncle at the back also pozing


yumyum they treated me to kickass black pepper crab for dinner at joo chiat. its located at a dingy coffeeshop that hasnt been renovated for like 10 thousand years. yet people are queueing to eat their crab every single day.

its worth the wait though. the black pepper sauce is damn thick and flavourful. my fingers actually begin to sting after being in contact with it for a long while. you know like after awhile when you dont clean off the black peper sauce off your fingers (unless you are a noob who eats crab with chopsticks or gloves), the sauce actually dries up on them! thats how magical the sauce is. haha but damn alot of msg, so thirsty now.

and the mee goreng there is the best ever. there is no trace at all of the bitter yellow noodle taste, which i hate. ooh and the chicken wings pwns school’s mat chicken any time.

lol saw theodora tan, ex ij principal, with a couple of proper principle-like friends eating crab as well. nothing about her has changed. permed short cropped hair, high pants, and that smile that makes her feet rise 10 inches off the ground with a golden halo on her head and wings growing out to match.

after which, we headed opposite to eat the famous durian from a place called four seasons durian or smt like that. blah but was too full to stomach anymore durian. and all of them were like so bitter ew.

lol creswell has some traditional belief that if you wash your hands with the durian shell, it will rid your fingers of the horrible stench of durian. haha at first i thought she meant to rub my hands with the durian shell. then like all the skin cells sure get scraped off from your hands and start bleeding so you have to bandage them up. therefore cannot smell.

but its actually to put the durian shell under running tap water and then wash your hands with the water that flows from the shell. but with soap of course.

am such a scientific and a cynic of such beliefs and so i tried it out for myself. and for a brief 5 seconds after washing my hands with the shell, the durian smell was indeed gone. but then it came back soon after and therefore, i conclude that its nonsense. haha still smell like a durian.

maybe NUS should like have a Singapore Studies Module about like durian and its mystical properties. like why when people wear gloves and ear durians, still can smell durian on their fingers? and why does nose shit still smell like durian the next day after eating durian? eh you dont believe you can go and try haha.

never thought i’d say this,
but im definitely gonna miss the place.


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