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oh yes! for the first time in my technological deprived life, i have a laptop!!! its from the nus computer fair so while it may not be that glamorous as the sony vaio- which wasnt available at the fair duh, or a mac book air- which i wont get cos its not value for money, the only consolation is that its PINK 😀

so damn bimbo haha but i love it cos unlike black, where you can see the ugly sweaty fingerprints. or white, which gets stained easily. and you can buy like pink optical mouses and a pink laptop bag to match! haha my mouse is currently the free one from toshiba and its black and mighty huge. the bag is worse, but i have to use it for the time being :/

ooh so pretty. love the windows vista format as well, everything from the way a new window pops up to the way pictures are displayed in a picture folder icon. unfortunately its not as user friendly, but not to worry, i’ll get used to it no matter what. like getting used to a husband who has personality disorder but promises you a lifetime of riches and his undying but strange expression of love.

something like that.

i forgot to mention that its the toshiba M800, selling for $1952 with GST in school. and its the best bloody offer cos they give you a free upgrade to 4GB ram, and thats mother fast. the macbook pro costs like $3K plus in school but only has a 2GB ram, whatever for.

paid with Nets at the matriculation registration hall and heaved the entire thing to the yusof ishak building to get it checked out with the IT people. after that my biceps gave up on me and i decided to call my dad for help.

yay pink laptop! but the girl selling it to me said that alot of people from FOS also bought pink on the same day. ee go to hell, i must go buy one of those pretty laptop skins and make mine unique the next IT fair.

anyway im still damn sore about my lost F21 dress.
damn fucking sore.

[this portion has been asked to be removed by the very resourceful seller. lol i cant believe i agreed to do it but i have to admit that the part about the white paper is indeed fancy wrapping paper and the stickers she was talking about were spongebob stickers- my favourite ): ]

there, hope you are happy now. is there really no avenue for me to express my thoughts freely?

but thanks to that expensive lesson, i’ve stopped online shopping, except to participate in sprees with my boss and buying small things from reliable sellers. haha i bought shimmery eyeliner for $3.50 and cheap hollywood tape for $2. almost bought some ear digging thing too.

im teaching the new temp replacement now. all i can say is

1. really bad breath
2. does not drink water
3. smokes
4. blows cig smoke in my face when im eating my yong tau foo
5. gives me a sore throat from all the secondhand smoke

shall not crucify her so publicly, but shes really making me wish today was my last day of work. sigh 1 more day of holding my breath. hope my lungs can recover from 8 months worth of damage.

aww sho sweet, today 2 colleagues gave me presents! one was a nice teatime snack pack from crabtree and evelyn, while the other was a little stuffed dog from metro. dont know what to think of the latter because:

1. it doesnt look like me, at least i think so
2. i find stuffed toys are dust-trapping hindrances
3. could it be a repackaged christmas present?
4. maybe will repackage it as a christmas present to someone i dont like this year.


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