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truth is, i’m almost paralyzed with fear about starting school all over again.

pharmacy is made up of a whole bunch of people who used to get As with their eyes closed (this is not a compliment to myself btw because i only get As with alot of mugging and tuition)

i’m worried i’d beat myself over and over if i keep ending up at the bottom end of the cohort.

i’m also bloody nervous about making new friends all over again, especially when it really seems like the cohort is already separated up of 2 groups of people even before school begins officially.

1. the people who have gone for pharm camp
2. those who havent and thus feel left out

its not a matter of ‘i-told-you-that-you-should-have-gone-for-pharm-camp’, rather, its a matter of starting anew. and everyone should be given the chance to fit in even though they may not have participated in some camp before, not threatened by the fact that they don’t have any seniors to help them just as yet, and so, will end up socially ostracized by the entire pharmacy department.

what a real test of social skills. hate the feeling of being thrown into something i’m unfamiliar with all over again, considering that i only just settled well into the office social scene.

and whats all these stories i hear about cross faculty dating in orientation camps? lol doubt it’d be the same for pharmacy because after all, the ratio of guys to girls is like 1: 99999

not that i’m disappointed hahaha


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